How to Get a Great Deal

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“Frustrated Washington State RVer Accidentally Discovers How to Buy the RV You Want at a Shockingly Low Price… Even BELOW Dealer Cost!”

Dear Friend,

Ever slap yourself in the head and ask yourself, “How could I be so stupid?”

I sure have. One of my worst happened when my wife and I went to an RV show.

You’ve probably been in this situation yourself. There’s this coach that you really like, but its really expensive. And you wonder: how can I get the price down to where I can afford it? I know the price is negotiable, but why is the salesman hardly budging?

You might even have done what I did in this situation. I went home and searched through my collection of RV magazines, looking for buying tips. I bought books by “RV insiders.” I scoured the Internet for RV information. I spent weeks on this, and I still came up empty.

Yes, there are lots of little tips out there, but nothing really useful. Plus, a lot of the so-called “insiders” contradict each other.

I couldn’t make sense out of all this. So I figured: who would know this information? Who could I ask to find this out?

You’re Going to Laugh At Me for This

You’re not going to believe the dumb stunt I pulled next.

I’m a freelance writer by trade, so I figured I’d approach this as a research project. I figured I’m not the only RVer who wants to know this information.

So I actually went to RV dealers and asked some salesmen if I could interview them about the buying process. I told them I wanted to learn how an RV buyer could get a great RV that he’d be happy with, at a great price. I approached dealership management, too.

What do you think they said?

They laughed in my face, of course. Looking back, I was stupid to even try. Of COURSE they wouldn’t tell me how to save money on their RVs. What was I thinking? (This is when I slapped myself on the head.)

I was frustrated. Gloomy, even. I knew the prices were way too high… but how could an average RVer like me beat the dealers at their own game?

That’s when I heard about “Mr. X,” the former RV dealer

The salesmen and dealers had stonewalled me. So I realized I needed to find someone who knew the dealer game, but who didn’t care if he revealed its secrets. This seemed impossible.

Then I heard about “Mr. X” (I’m keeping his name anonymous, for obvious reasons). He’s been in the RV industry for 35 years, most recently for 13 years as a dealer. He had just recently got out of the dealership end of the business. I contacted him immediately, begging for an interview.

I told him I wanted to know exactly, step-by-step, how an RV buyer can get a great coach for the least amount possible. It took some persuading, but I finally got him to agree to “spill the beans” on the RV buying process. Now that he wasn’t in the game anymore, he was willing to share its secrets.

“Confessions of an RV Dealer”

I grilled him on the phone for over three hours. He told me step-by-step, start to finish, how average RVers like you and me can beat the dealers at their own game. He told me all the little tricks the dealers play, to squeeze us for more money. More importantly, he told me how to fight back. And here’s the best part …

I recorded the entire phone call!
And you can ‘eavesdrop’ on it if you want to.

What Other RVers
Are Saying

“I would say listening to your interview with the ex-dealer saved us a minimum of $10,000.00″

“We followed your advice very closely, and it worked. We ended up with a fantastic deal, and saved thousands of dollars. In fact, we ended up almost $4,000.00 more off then we got from the dealer we thought was going to get the deal…

“We ended up with 30% off the price, no charge for freight, no charge for dealers prep, and got every option we wanted at dealers cost. I would say listening to your interview with the ex-dealer saved us a minimum of $10,000.00.

“Super, I would recommend your interview to anyone who is seriously thinking of buying an RV. By the way, at the end of the deal, I told the dealer that I had bought your tapes, and he offered to pay me for them, so he could find out how to defeat your plan. But, don’t worry, I didn’t sell them to him.

“Again thanks for helping us to get the right deal.”

Charlie & Fran Lefever
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Montana RVer saves $20,000, says “Can’t argue with results”!

“I just concluded a deal for a new Winnebago View for $20,000 off of the dealer’s initial listed price. I was happy with that. I found your information helpful… Can’t argue with results. Thank you very much for your honesty and ideas.”

Steve Carlisle,
Kalispell, MT

Kathy in Washington State saved $8,000 using Mr. X’s advice… before she even bought her motorhome!

“We took [Mr. X's] advice about selling our old (1989) motorhome… [The dealer had] offered us $9,000 on trade and we had people lined up the first 2 days to give us $17,000 for it. It sold to the first guy who looked at it and there were others waiting in the wings wanting to buy it.

“Thank you for sharing your discoveries and you can quote me.”

Kathy S., Malaga, WA

“I don’t believe in Internet
‘how to’ thingies…”

“Dear Bill,

“I never, ever, in all of my mmpphh years ordered anything like your product. I don’t believe in Internet ‘how to’ thingies and am always more safe than sorry. Something about your voice inspires trust and I admire you for making money by sharing knowledge; especially knowledge that I want and need.

“My husband and I are seriously looking for a travel trailer but I have refused to buy one until I did some research and learned all that I could about the buying and negotiating process. We are the epitome of the ‘good cop/bad cop’ couple with me being, and really enjoying, the bad cop role. Now that I am armed with your information I am eager to get out there, at the end of the month of course, and buy that travel trailer.

“I have just sat here, in this chair, for over four solid hours listening to your conversation and your tips. Despite the severe attack of sciatica I thoroughly enjoyed your tapes and will be happy to recommend them to friends. (after I buy my trailer…I don’t need the competition).

Thanks, you’ve made my first Internet purchase practically painless as I feel that I did get my money’s worth. Great tapes, great tips!”

Lorraine Holst
Myrtle Beach, SC

Mark in New Mexico saved $7,912 on his RV: a discount of 31 percent!

“I purchased a brand new
travel trailer, extended warranty, brake controller and equalizer hitch. I called multiple dealers after determining which manufacturer and model I wanted. The starting price was almost the same at all the dealers.

“The starting price was $25,512 on average. I purchased the travel trailer with brake controller and equalizer hitch installed for $18,600. The brake controller and equalizer installed is about $1,000. So the trailer alone was $17,600.

Thank you for the information, it was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Mark Mackey
Farmington, NM

“I wanted to say what a helpful product this is, especially for a newby looking for
their first fifth wheel”

“I just finished listening to the complete interview and I wanted to say what a helpful product this is, especially for a newby looking for their first fifth wheel to retire to full time in about a year. Thanks again!”

John McCarver

“They dropped the price over $13,000 from what they first quoted me!”

“I ended up buying a 2007 Attitude Toy Hauler…They dropped the price over $13,000 from what they first quoted me!… I got them to throw in an Equalizer hitch for cost. Thanks for your help.”

Brian Webb

Listeners are equipped to deal with salesmen…
and win!

“Very pleased. The audio tapes made me realize the deal I had for a country coach in the works was a hose job.”

Anthony B.
Portland, Oregon

“I liked the fact that Mr. X explains how the whole industry works… Your recording made me comfortable dealing with the salesman.”

Michael M.
Tempe, Arizona

“Looking forward to using your info to make a killer deal.”

Norm Deshon
Washington state

“I picked up several ideas and I am looking forward to using them. I especially liked the info about warranties, as well as how to get a great deal. You have a winner here and everyone buying an RV would benefit from this. Thank you Bill.”

George Davis
Knoxville, TN

“Dear Bill, I appreciated and liked your interview very much. I was in today talking with a salesman and the sales manager about purchasing a new motor home. I really felt confident I knew how to handle myself and the right questions to ask. I would heartily recommend the presentation to any one looking to purchase an RV.

Dave Dowling

“I haven’t heard all the tapes yet, but so far I’m very impressed. I had no idea that they upped the price of the RV depending on whether you had a trade in and if you were going to finance with them, and that they hiked your rate up to make money on financing! I’m sure I will find the rest of the tapes just as helpful, we are going to be buying a new RV in the near future so this is very helpful. Thank You.”

Andrea Olinger
Nuevo, CA

“Some of the things you described what the dealer/salesman would say and do have already happened…”

“I have only listened to the first 4 files…I find them very intriguing and am anxious to start shopping for a 5th wheeler. I am not quite ready to purchase yet…mostly window shopping, but some of the things you described what the dealer/salesman would say and do have already happened.

“I went out last Saturday before I received your information, and the salesman had me by the short hairs before I had seen 3 models. Very pushy and had an answer ready for every question… and the answers were modeled after the information I provided from the start. I wasn’t happy with the experience so when I saw your offer, I was anxious to hear what you had to say.

“I am going to finish the phone call and read the transcript completely through and then go out into the battlefield, armed with your information. I expect to be pleasantly surprised and I’ll let you know what I find out.

“Thanks, again, for your willingness to share what you have learned. I’ll be in touch.”

Judd West
Ogden, UT

“Bill–just to let you know that I thought your ‘production’ was one of the more professional we have seen. We really appreciated the words of wisdom, particularly because we are buying our first RV, now that we have taken early retirement.”

Marcia Ray
Lake Forest, Illinois

Definitely worth the price paid.

Fran Morgan
Sarasota, FL

“I can imagine that the dealers are sending you hate mail.”

“Hi Bill. We have listened only once and reviewed the financing and the purchase part one more time. I think we are learning a lot. Especially about the things not to tell a salesman and financial person… You have helped us a lot with your information. I can imagine that the dealers are sending you hate mail. Keep up the good work.”

Jan and Jim Hemingway
Helena, Montana

“I sat and listened to the entire conversation in one sitting…I do really believe it can save me much more than it cost when I upgrade my RV, once I get a grasp of it … We’re working on selling our house and going fulltime, traveling and playing music all over America. Once we get the house sold, we’ll be in a position to get into the right RV and hit the road! Thanks, Bill.”

Larry & Karen Doran
McCool Junction, NE

“He told me we had been doing everything wrong,
right from the get-go…”

“My husband listened to every bit of the conversation and for a person who is usually very unimpressed with just about anything, he was very impressed with the knowledge he gleaned from the information you provided. He told me we had been doing everything wrong, right from the get-go. Yes, the first question the dealer always asks is ‘what are you driving now’, and we always answer truthfully. Now I know that after we answer that question, the numbers are already calculating in the dealer’s head — and they’re not in our favor. We feel very armed and confident with our new-found awareness, and we won’t make the same mistakes next time we visit an RV dealership. Thanks for sharing!”

Bruce and Jeannie Stamp Atascadero, CA

“I found the interview very interesting and should be able to go into the dealer with the facts and the right attitude to purchase our next RV. Your files give me the right questions to ask and when to keep quiet. I’m sure we will save money when we buy.

“Thanks for a great product.”

Jack Adinolfi
Pensacola, FL

“I would not hesitate to recommend your info to a first time novice purchaser of a motorhome.”

John O.
Grove City, PA

“I’m still working my way through the interview as well as the other items. So far, I think it’s very informative. I’ve had to re-learn southern talking again to follow Mr. X. He’s funny. Growing up in Texas it’s all coming back… Is your report worth the money? YES absolutely.

John Olsen
Billings, Montana

“I have found the information to be useful in two ways.

  • As a first time RV purchaser I had no idea of how to approach the process of buying. Your information was very helpful in providing me with a framework and therefore a foundation of confidence on which to move forward.
  • Your written summaries are very well designed and made it all come together for me.

“I will be using your information over the next couple of weeks as we make our first purchase. Thanks again.”

Alan Warburton
BC, Canada

“They won’t get me next time…”

“Your material is great! It’s too bad I didn’t have it to refer to in ’03 when I paid too much for my 1st TT. Then again in ’04 when we bought our 2nd TT. But now I’m confident that they won’t get me next time. We’re shopping now for a 5th wheel. I’ll let you know how it pans out.”
Robert Fornoff
Live Oaks, CA

Let Mr. X help you
skip years of research

“I would highly recommend it to those beginning to look or those that are not up for spending years of research prior to purchasing.”

Jack Smith
Waxhaw, NC

“You should be congratulated”

Wife and I have just began our search for an RV. We haven’t had one for 17 years now but had more than I can remember in the 70′s and 80′s. I signed up for your recording and bonuses as a refresher course on buying. Have listened to it enough to know it is going to be a big help in our buying at the right price… I will be listening to the recording for more pointers. I do agree from my experience that you should be congratulated for putting this together for those of us who like to save our money.

“Wife retires at end of this year and we will be buying a Class B for our travels. We are very conservative and will be targeting a purchase no more than $20,000, used of course. I’m already retired and who knows I may want to get back into buying and flipping RVs again.

“Have a great day!”
Bob Buffington
Kerrville, Texas

“PS: Your info is definitely worth the $$$.”

“I know I will save 10′s of thousands of dollars on my next purchase.”

The information was incredible. I felt the same way as you did going in
and buying my first RV and now I know how bad I got taken, at least I
will have the ammunition for my next purchase…

“When I told my wife I wanted to purchase this she cringed like I did and when I told her it was ‘money back guaranteed’ she said if you think it will save us that kind of money on a purchase then do it. I’m happy to tell you Bill that it will. I am about to purchase a full size SUV and I think this will even give me the tools to take on these guys. Why the h*** should I take a bath on my trade in? and now I have the tools to get the most out of my trade in and pay the least on a new purchase…

“Thank you again Bill and I know I will save 10′s of thousands of dollars on my next purchase.

Ron Boever
Encinitas, CA

He told me things like:

  • RV shows: are they good places to buy an RV, or not? You can get a fabulous deal at a show, if you do this one specific thing
  • A surprisingly easy way to figure out ahead of time which dealers will treat you well, and which will make your life miserable
  • Buying an RV over eBay—a good idea, or not? Here’s his “insider” perspective.
  • How to decide if you should buy from a local dealer, or a more remote one who offers a better price
  • Dirty tricks a dealer or private seller can play on you when you’re looking at a used RV—and how to avoid them
  • The best times of each month to buy, and the best times of each year to buy. You can get shockingly low prices if you time it right.

As someone who’s been in the RV industry for 35 years, Mr. X also described:

  • 3 ways to tell if the dealer has a good service department, and how to anticipate the level of service you’ll receive there
  • Unsure of which RV to buy? Here’s an easy way to find out exactly which one will be best for you
  • Why a dealer might refuse to perform warranty service on your RV, and how to avoid this situation
  • A surprisingly easy way to discover how your local RV dealer is likely to treat you if you buy from him
  • RV defects—how to avoid buying a lemon
  • The difference between large and small dealerships, and how to save the most money at each
  • How to get the dealer to drop his price once, twice, again and again…without even haggling.

When I asked him how to discover the dealer’s true cost on an RV, he shocked me with his answer…

First, he answered the question, but then he said this cost doesn’t really matter—because a savvy buyer can work the price down below cost! And he told me exactly how to do it. He also talked about:

  • The annual RV industry show in Louisville, Kentucky, every November —you might have never heard of it, but here’s how it affects you and the price you can negotiate on your RV
  • Model-year changeovers: why they’re so important to you (most RVers don’t understand this)
  • The single biggest mistake people make when buying an RV. Hint: it has nothing to do with price, or the size or type of RV they choose.
  • How to gauge the quality of an RV model before you even go look at it
  • How to tell if an RV’s design is safe in its electrical, gas, and other systems
  • Extended warranties: should you buy one, or not? Mr. X’s surprising answer
  • Depreciation: how much value will your RV lose in its first year, its second year, and so on? Which RVs lose their value the fastest? Which hold their value the best long-term? The factors that affect depreciation.

I also asked him…

“Tell me about the buyers
that got such great deals,
you were angry
when you signed the papers!”

He thought back through his 13 years as a dealer, and gave me specific examples of buyers who got screaming deals on their RVs. He told me exactly what they did to get such low prices. He also described things like:

  • You walk onto a dealer’s lot. The salesman greets you and casually asks, “What kind of coach do you have now?” Is he just being friendly? Nope—this is the first step in OVERCHARGING you for an RV. Here’s what he’s doing, and how to stop it from happening.
  • Pros and cons of buying a new RV. Advantages and disadvantages of buying used.
  • How to get warranty service done even if you’re a long ways away from your dealer
  • The crucial thing you must do BEFORE inspecting a used RV. This makes it much easier to discover certain problems, but hardly anybody does it
  • RVs that were used as rentals: are these good deals, or not? Here’s how to find out, and how to protect yourself if you decide to buy one
  • How much markup the dealer adds to a typical RV price
  • How to find out which RVs on the lot you can get the biggest discount on. Among a group of the same model, there are probably several you can get for many thousands cheaper than the rest—but the salesman won’t tell you which ones. Here’s how to find this out, right under the salesman’s nose, and he’ll never even know you’re doing it. (Hint: you look in the kitchen cabinet, but this has nothing to do with the quality of the RV or anything like that.)

He told me about deals
where he lost $2,000-$3,000 on the sale!
He described why these buyers were able to buy below his cost,
and how you can do it too.

He also told me about:

  • Manufacturer incentives—what they are, and how they affect the price you pay for the RV
  • Thinking of buying a used RV? Here’s how to inspect it and discover the problems that the seller might be trying to hide
  • How to save hundreds when you buy an extended warranty
  • “Floor plan companies” – what they are, and how to use them to get your RV even below dealer cost

What 99 out of 100 RVers don’t know about the buying process

I thought I knew a lot about the buying process, but a lot of it turned out to be wrong. I found out a lot of the books, magazines, and websites are giving information that just isn’t true. Mr. X shared things like:

  • “Give me your cash price”—some RVers think this phrase will get them the lowest price. This is 100% wrong—here’s why this sentence might cause the dealer to increase his price, and what you should say instead.
  • How to tell if a warranty contract is good or bad. What to look for in the contract.
  • You walk onto the dealer’s lot. Here’s the first thing you say to the salesman, and what specifically to say during the negotiation.
  • Uncomfortable with haggling? Mr. X described how to get the dealer to drop his price to just above his cost—or maybe even below cost—without going back and forth with offer/counteroffer etc.

He even gave me the “insider” perspective
on the entire buying process,
not just the price.

After we talked about getting the lowest possible price, I asked him what else I needed to know to save lots of money. He told me about:

  • The single biggest mistake people make when financing an RV
  • Insurance—what to watch out for when buying an RV policy.
  • Things to watch out for when insuring a motorhome. Things to watch out for when insuring a towable.
  • Extended warranties—whether to buy one, who to buy it from, which deductible is the best deal, and so on.
  • Dealer add-ons: are they a good deal, or not?
  • How to legally avoid paying sales taxes when you buy an RV
  • How to tow a dinghy behind a motorhome. Safety issues you need to be aware of.
  • How to safely tow a trailer or fifth wheel. Mr. X describes a situation where he was towing a trailer on the highway at 75 miles per hour, and it came unhitched. He was able to safely stop both his truck and the trailer without any damage. A friend had the same situation but wrecked both his truck and his trailer (although he himself escaped serious injury, fortunately). Here’s what Mr. X did during the emergency that made the difference.

By the time we were done with the call, my mouth was hanging open. Then I got madder than a swarm of hornets!

I was stunned at the “insider” advice Mr. X had given me. I knew I was now equipped to save tens of thousands of dollars on each RV I buy, for the rest of my life. But then it hit me…

I realized that if I hadn’t gotten this information, I would have been ripped off for tens of thousands each time I bought an RV!

It’s not right that dealers do this!

Yes, dealers have to make a profit. But I now know that the profits they usually make are just plain outrageous.That’s when I knew I had to make this information available to other RVers too.

How to “Eavesdrop” on
My Secret Phone Call with Mr. X:
You can be listening to it
in the next 30 seconds

I’ve created a secret website and put the Mr. X recordings on it. You can listen to the call right over your computer speakers.

Click on the “play” button below for a sample:

Just Sit Back and Listen

This interview has to be one of the best possible ways to get this information. Forget about reading a pile of books, or straining your eyes staring at hard-to-read Internet sites. Just sit back, relax, close your eyes, and listen! (You’ll learn far more during this interview than in all of those books or websites anyway.)

People Just Like You Are Saving Thousands

Think about your ‘dream RV’ for just a moment.

Now imagine saving up to 37 percent of your dream RV’s price.

That’s how much George Delanghe in Texas saved, after he heard the Mr. X recordings. Here’s the email he recently sent me:

I think saying the recordings helped is kind of like asking “How would you like to save $44,000.00?

I was looking for a DoubleTree Elite with the cinnamon maple cabinetry upgrade: MRSP 118,000.00

Found 2 close by. One at Wheeler’s RV in Las Vegas, NV; one at Young’s RV in Lancaster, CA…

George sent me this photo of the RV he bought
George sent me this photo of his new RV

Did I pay 118,112: No
Did I pay 108,000: No
Did I pay 98,000: No
Did I pay 88,000: No
Did I pay 78,000: No

Oh h***, let’s cut to the chase: Paid $73,983 AND they’re installing an ice maker and a few other minor items.

I’m attaching a copy of the Retail Installment Contract. We put $0.00 down.

Yeah, I’d say they helped.

George Delanghe

George D. saved $44,017 on his RV

Here are George’s results after applying Mr. X’s techniques:

Original MSRP: $118,000
Final Price  : $ 73,983
Savings      : $ 44,017

That’s a 37.3 percent discount from sticker price!

Am I promising that you will save 37 percent on your RV? Of course not. Every deal is different. You might save less than George did, or you might save more. Either way, I’m convinced that if you apply Mr. X’s methods, you’ll get the best deal possible on your RV.

Here’s an email I received from AT in Idaho Falls (he asked me to only use his initials):

Here’s my results – I’ve attached the factory option sheet from the Weekend Warrior CR3905 trailer that I bought. As you can see, MSRP is $60,892. In the first round of negotiations, I got the dealers down to $50,500. When I used the Extended Warranty call to the 3rd dealer, I got one of them down to $43,500. I used that info to go to one dealer’s lot that had one with an interior color that I preferred and got him down to the eventual purchase price of $42,900 for pretty much exactly the unit that I wanted.

Total savings off of MSRP = $17,992.

For the extended warranty – we got a 7-year, all major component, $100 deductible (per visit, not per system) with full roadside assistance for $2300. This was $300 better than the best deal I found from another dealer in my area.

Feel free to post all/portions of this as long as you attribute it to me
(using AT in IF, ID).

AT's invoice with the original price

Original MSRP: $60,892
Final Price  : $42,900
Savings      : $17,992 (a 29.5% discount!)

Mr. X’s methods work with any size RV, whether large or small. Here’s an email I received from Mark Mackey in Farmington, New Mexico:

Dear Bill,

I purchased a brand new travel trailer, extended warranty, brake controller and equalizer hitch. I called multiple dealers after determining which manufacturer and model I wanted. The starting price was almost the same at all the dealers. The starting price was $25,512 on average.

I purchased the travel trailer with brake controller and equalizer hitch installed for $18,600. The brake controller and equalizer installed is about $1,000. So the trailer alone was $17,600.

Thank you for the information, it was one of the best investments I have ever made.

Mark Mackey

Here are Mark’s results:

Original MSRP: $25,512
Final Price  : $17,600
Savings      : $ 7,912 (a 31 percent discount!)

I have lots more emails I could share, but you get the point.

These techniques work.

These recordings could save you thousands. I’ve had friends tell me I should be charging $200 or more for access to them. They’re probably right, but for now, I’m not charging this amount.

I’m making the recordings available for only $127.00 $97.00. I’m sure you agree this is an incredible bargain.

If you consider the fact that you can save thousands or even tens of thousands on your next RV, then this tiny investment is more than fair.

You’ll also get these Four FREE Gifts

I want to make saying “yes” to this opportunity even easier by including these FREE gifts:

Bonus #1 (Value: $301.50):
Complete Transcripts of the Entire Interview!

I tried to take notes during the interview. (That’s why you won’t hear me talk much during the recording — I was scribbling as quickly as I could.) But even then, I knew I missed some great stuff. Mr. X was just a fountain of information.

So I sent the recordings off to be transcribed. It cost me $301.50 ($1.50 per minute of the recording), but again, I was glad to pay it. If I need to remember something Mr. X talked about, I don’t have to hunt through the recordings trying to find it — I can just flip open the transcript and get the information directly.

If you buy the Mr. X. recording today, I’ll throw in a copy of this transcript absolutely FREE. You can download it to your computer and be reading it in just a few minutes.

Now you don’t even have to take notes while you’re listening to the interview! You’ll already have the entire thing in writing, word-for-word.

Bonus #2 (Value: $29.99):
RV Financing Secrets:
How to Save Up to $20,778
When Financing Your RV

Mr. X talked about financing during the interview. However, as I listened to it later, we didn’t summarize the process when we were done talking. Also, there were some things that didn’t make it into the recording — tips that I’ve learned from other experts, and a few resources that Mr. X didn’t mention.

So I created a bonus recording that explains how to slash your financing costs. It lays out an easy three-step process to finance your RV for the lowest possible amount. It also gives you a list of Internet resources to help you do this.

(By the way, the $20,778 refers to the specific RV example I used in the recording. You might save less, or you might save a lot more. Your actual savings will vary, depending on the size of your loan, your down payment, and so on. But you can slash your costs on even a small RV!)

This recording, and the accompanying transcript, are yours FREE when you buy the Mr. X interview today.

Bonus #3 (Value: $29.99):
RV Trade-In Strategies:
How to Get Thousands More for Your RV
than the Dealer Wanted to Give You

Many RVers have a trade-in when they go to buy a new coach. But most don’t understand the secrets to getting the highest possible amount for it. Many RVers get ripped off and taken advantage of by unscrupulous dealers, who give them far less than the coach is worth.

That’s why I created this special bonus, based on what Mr. X and other experts have told me. It explains a three-step process to getting thousands more for your coach than the dealer would otherwise have given you. First I show you how to discover the current value of your used coach. (The NADA guide sells this information for $105, but I show you how to get it for FREE.) Then I’ll show you how to get the full amount for it.

This bonus comes as a recording and a transcript. The transcript also contains special “screen shots” of Internet web sites, walking you through the process step-by-step so you can see exactly how to use the Internet during this procedure. And it’s yours FREE when you buy the Mr. X interview.

Bonus #4 (Value: $19.99):
RV Insurance and Warranties:
What You Need to Know to Save Money

When you’re standing inside a sparkling new coach, ready to buy it, you don’t want to think about the repairs it will eventually need. Or worse, the possibility of getting into an accident with it. But these are important topics you must think about. Plus, as with other parts of the process, the dealer will try to take more money from you than he should.

This bonus recording talks about saving money on an extended warranty and several different kinds of insurance. You can save hundreds of dollars per year, for each year you own the RV, if you apply this information. And this recording, along with its transcript, are yours FREE if you buy the Mr. X interview today.

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Still not sure? You can always take the recordings for an 8-week “test drive.” If you’re unhappy for any reason, you’ll get 100% of your money back.

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“You Save $7,500 Or It’s Free”
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If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

I’m making these recordings available because I want to help people save thousands on their next RV. So if you’re not happy with them, then I don’t expect…or want…to keep your money.

Take your time listening to the recordings. Leaf through the transcripts and bonuses. Soak everything in. Take up to 8 weeks — you could even go through the entire interview and all the bonuses multiple times if you wanted.

guaranteeIf you don’t think you can save at least $7,500off your RV with the information in these recordings, then I don’t want to keep your money. It’s that simple. Just dash off an email to me, and you’ll get a quick, cheerful refund of every penny you paid.

But… the recordings and bonuses are yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me!

So you really can’t lose. The recordings and bonuses are yours no matter what!

Hate Mail from RV Dealers!

As I said, I put up this site to help other RVers. I hadn’t expected a firestorm of angry protests from RV dealers.

But as you can imagine, RV dealers are furious with me. Here’s an excerpt from an actual email from a dealer (I’ve edited out the profanity, but left in the misspellings). First he complained that he should be allowed to charge whatever he wanted:

“You don’t know **** about the RV business. Do you have nothing better to do than waste your time and pollute people minds about this business. The last time I checked we live in a capitalistic society…

Then he talked about the financing strategies I teach. (Remember the bonus recording about saving up to $20,778 on financing? That’s all possible because the dealers mark up the interest rates they charge you):

“By bumping the rate it gives us the chance to make some money because some dumb f*** read your site…”

What do you think about the way he refers to us RVers? His email went on and on like this, including complaints about my “bull****” negotiating tactics, and other comments I won’t repeat here.

Obviously I’m hitting home with this information. The RV dealers don’t want you to know these things.

Unfortunately for them, I think you should know these things. So click on the link below if you’d like to get equipped to save thousands on your RV.

I wish you great success on your RV purchase…and I’ll see you on the road!


Bill Arthur
RV Enthusiast

P.S.Want the recordings on CD? For a limited time, I’ll throw in FREE mp3′s of the entire interview, and all the bonuses too. Now you can burn the recordings onto CD, or even listen to them on your mp3 player if you want. You don’t have to sit in front of the computer to hear the interview — you can listen at your leisure, from wherever you want. Here are questions and answers about how this works.

P.P.S. You have nothing to lose with my 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.


I reserve the right to stop selling these recordings at any time. I don’t enjoy hate mail, and I’m tired of getting pressure from dealers. (I’m sure most dealers are nice, but they aren’t the ones sending me these emails!) If I take this site down, there will be no warning given.

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