Reviews of “Confessions of an RV Dealer”

Here are some excerpts from actual emails I’ve received about the Mr. X interview.

Pennsylvania couple saves $10,000
($4,000 more than their best deal otherwise)

Hi Bill,

I just wanted to send this to you to let you know we put a down payment on a new RV and we got a great price thanks to your interview.

We followed your advice very closely, and it worked. We ended up with a fantastic deal, and saved thousands of dollars.

In fact, we ended up almost $4,000.00 more off then we got from the dealer we thought was going to get the deal.

We ended up with 30% off the price, No charge for freight, no charge for dealers prep, and got every option we wanted at dealers cost.

I would say listening to your interview with the ex-dealer saved us a minimum of $10,000.00

Super, I would recommend your interview to anyone who is seriously thinking of buying an RV. By the way, at the end of the deal, I told the dealer that I had bought your tapes, and he offered to pay me for them, so he could find out how to defeat your plan. But, don’t worry, I didn’t sell them to him.

Again thanks for helping us to get the right deal.

Charlie & Fran L.
Lancaster, Pa.

I emailed Charlie & Fran back and asked if I could share their comments here. Here’s Charlie’s reply:

You bet, the dealers knew that I was handling myself and the deal properly. They all said they could tell I did a lot of research. I almost feel sorry for them, then think how much I saved and it goes right away :) thanks again.

Charlie & Fran

Woman Saves $8,000 Just on Her Trade-In

We have dial-up so just did the text. The interview was long and a little hard to wade through but we liked the summary…

We are shopping for a motorhome now so it will be very helpful. Talked to [RV dealer name removed] last week and "experienced" the mixing of price, financing, trade-ins, etc to get to the payment we wanted. When we finally got the details of how they got there we laughed. They had a 20-year loan on a motorhome under $80,000.

We took [Mr. X's] advice about selling our old (1989) motorhome… [The dealer had]offered us $9,000 on trade and we had people lined up the first 2 days to give us $17,000 for it. It sold to the first guy who looked at it and there were others waiting in the wings wanting to buy it.

Thank you for sharing your discoveries and you can quote me.


Washington State

Experienced RVer says: Good refresher for me,
a "lifesaver" for the inexperienced purchaser

I have been RVing for over 35 years. I have had everything from a tent trailer to a 39 foot diesel pusher.

The information contained in your offering, for an experienced RVer, contains a lot of parochial information. That said, it is still a refresher course in what to do. Some of the items were a good refresher for me.

For the inexperienced purchaser, it could prove to be a life saver!

Anyway, thanks for the lessons. Iā€™m in the process of looking for another diesel pusher and I will use your suggestions.

Joe M.

Carlsbad, CA

Montana man thinks interview "overly long," but saves $20,000 and says, "Can’t argue with results"!

I just concluded a deal for a new 2006 Winnebago View for $20,000 off of the dealer’s initial listed price. I was happy with that. I found your information helpful but overly long…Overall, I appreciated your help. Can’t argue with results. Thank you very much for your honesty and ideas.

Best, Steve C.
Kalispell, MT

"I don’t believe in Internet ‘how to’ thingies…"

Dear Bill,

I never, ever, in all of my mmpphh years ordered anything like your product. I don’t believe in Internet ‘how to’ thingies and am always more safe than sorry. Something about your voice inspires trust and I admire you for making money by sharing knowledge; especially knowledge that I want and need.

My husband and I are seriously looking for a travel trailer but I have refused to buy one until I did some research and learned all that I could about the buying/negotiating process. We are the epitome of the ‘good cop/bad cop’ couple with me being, and really enjoying, the bad cop role. Now that I am armed with your information I am eager to get out there, at the end of the month of course, and buy that travel trailer.

I have just sat here, in this chair, for over four solid hours listening to your conversation and your tips. Despite the severe attack of sciatica I thoroughly enjoyed your tapes and will be happy to recommend them to friends. (after I buy my trailer…I don’t need the competition)

When I have purchased my unit and have made a deal that I won’t second guess I’ll email you with the experience.

Thanks, you’ve made my first Internet purchase practically painless as I feel that I did get my money’s worth. Great tapes, great tips!

Wish me luck.

Lorraine Holst

When I asked Lorraine for her permission to share her comments, she replied:

Hi Bill,

May you share my comments, you ask? Ha! You mustn’t have been from an Italian family. I EXPECTED you to share my comments, unless of course I made you swear on Tony’s mother’s grave and on your first born child etc that you wouldn’t tell.

Seriously, share my comments. I honestly think that the money I paid for your short course will save me twenty fold when I purchase. (more, but I want to start small and brag later) We’ll see and yes, I will let you know.
Thanks, Lorraine

Idaho man saves $17,992 ,
sends me his price sticker as proof

An RVer in Idaho (who asked I only use his initials, "AT") was planning on buying a 26-foot travel trailer. Then he changed his mind and decided on a 39-foot fifth wheel instead — BUT, he wanted it for less than a 30 foot travel trailer.

Impossible? Not when using Mr. X’s methods. AT bought his brand-new 5th wheel for $17,992 under MSRP, and met his goal.

He even sent me the dealer’s price sticker for proof. Here’s the full story.

Listeners get equipped to deal with salesmen —
and win!

Very pleased. The audio tapes made me realize the deal I had for a country coach in the works was a hose job.

AB, Portland OR

I liked the fact that Mr. X explains how the whole industry works… Your recording made me comfortable
dealing with the salesman.

Michael M., Arizona

Looking forward to using your info to make a killer deal.

Norm D., Washington


Dear Bill,
I appreciated and liked your interview very much. I was in today talking with a salesman and the sales manager about purchasing a new motor home. I really felt confident I knew how to handle myself and the right questions to ask. I would heartily recommend the presentation to any one looking to purchase an RV.
Dave D

I haven’t heard all the tapes yet, but so far I’m very impressed, I had no idea that they upped the price of the RV depending on whether you had a trade in and if you were going to finance with them, and that they hiked your rate up to make money on financing! I’m sure I will find the rest of the tapes just as helpful, we are going to be buying a new RV in the near future so this is very helpful.

Thank You, Andrea

Hi Bill,

I have only listened to the first 4 files…I find them very intriguing and am anxious to start shopping for a 5th wheeler. I am not quite ready to purchase yet…mostly window shopping, but some of the things you described what the dealer/salesman would say and do have already happened.

I went out last Saturday before I received your information, and the salesman had me by the short hairs before I had seen 3 models. Very pushy and had an answer ready for every question…and the answers were modeled after the information I provided from the start. I wasn’t happy with the experience so when I saw your offer, I was anxious to hear what you had to say.

I am going to finish the phone call and read the transcript completely through and then go out into the battlefield, armed with your information. I expect to be pleasantly surprised and I’ll let you know what I find out.

Thanks, again, for your willingness to share what you have learned. I’ll be in touch.

Judd, Ogden, UT


Bill–just to let you know that I thought "your production" was one of
the more professional we have seen. We really appreciated the words
of wisdom, particularly because we are buying our first RV, now that
we have taken early retirement.

Marcia R., Illinois


Definitely worth the price paid.

Fran M.


Hi Bill. We have listened only once and reviewed the financing and the
purchase part one more time. I think we are learning a lot.
Especially about the things not to tell a salesman and financial person.

…You have helped us a lot with your information. I can imagine that the
dealers are sending you hate mail. Keep up the good work.

Jan and Jim
Helena, Montana

Learn how to buy an RV with Mr. X’s methods.